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Toshiba Laptop Repairs Menai Bridge

Laptop Menders offers reliable Toshiba laptop repairs Menai Bridge in Anglesey by professionals at modern repair centres.

All Toshiba laptop repairs for Menai Bridge will be carried out by technicians using top quality parts and modern repair methods. For added peace of mind each Toshiba laptop repair comes with a warranty.

Toshiba laptop repairs for Tecra, Qosmio, Portege, Satellite Pro, Satellite and Kira models. So don't replace when a Toshiba laptop repair is often a more cost-effective solution.

Book your Toshiba laptop repair for Menai Bridge by filling in the online form with your contact details and laptop fault. The laptop repair team shall get in touch by phone or email during business hours. You can also call the repair centre for assistance.

Toshiba Laptop Repair Menai Bridge

Menai Bridge Toshiba Laptop Repair

The Toshiba laptop repairs for Menai Bridge are affordable and fast at resolving most hardware and software related faults. Toshiba laptop repairs for Menai Bridge are carried out by knowledgeable technicians using top quality laptop parts and modern repair techniques.

Some of the common Toshiba laptop repairs and problems encountered by the staff include:

• Broken DC jack
• WiFi not working
• Touchpad repairs
• Virus and malware removal
• Keyboard repair
• Blue screen of death
• USB port repair
• HDD failure
• Broken hinge
• Battery replacement
• Laptop screen repair
• Overheating
• Windows Installation

These are just some of the Toshiba laptop repairs that the team can offer for individuals and businesses in Anglesey. In addition to repair services, laptop upgrades for RAM (memory) and SSD alongside data recovery services can often be provided as well.

Arrange a Toshiba laptop repair for Menai Bridge by completing the enquiry form with your contact details, the laptop model that you have and the problem you're experiencing. The customer service advisers will contact you back shortly via email and phone. Please check your spam folder regarding an automated message concerning Toshiba laptop repairs. You can also call the repair centre during business hours on the phone number provided.


What is the turnaround time for Toshiba laptop repair Menai Bridge ?

the majority of toshiba laptop repairs for menai bridge covering hardware and software problems are resolved in just 5 working days (sometimes less, depending upon the fault). in rare cases, a repair may take longer, if parts need to obtained or if additional problems are diagnosed. should this occur, you will be kept up to date on the laptop repair progress.

How much does Toshiba laptop repair Menai Bridge cost?

the cost of toshiba laptop repair menai bridge is based upon the model and the issue you're having with it. this determines the availability of spare parts and the complexity of the repair. in most cases, a laptop repair will cost much less than a replacement from the manufacturer.

Will Toshiba laptop repair Menai Bridge come with a warranty?

yes a warranty is provided as standard with all toshiba laptop repairs for menai bridge . this cover the replacements parts used, for your peace of mind.

Does the repair centre provide Toshiba laptop screen replacement Menai Bridge ?

yes toshiba laptop screen repair menai bridge is provided by the technicians. if the laptop screen is cracked, dim, blank, flickering or displaying lines or strange colours, a replacement can often resolve this issue. the staff obtain and fit high quality screens in various sizes which include x - x inch.

Recent Enquires

good morning,one of the keys on my laptop keyboard keeps becoming detached.can we can get a replacement keyboard and how long it would take to fit? the model number is toshiba portege z30-bkind regards owen


usb ports not working on toshiba satellite c855 1gpgood afternoona couple of months ago one usb x port was damaged by an external device connected to it accidentally knocked off. we managed to remove the broken usb connector but the usb port on the laptop was damaged with bent pins. this did not stop us from using our laptop as the other two usb ports were fully operational.last week we found our cat sleeping on top of the keyboard and when we tried to use the mouse external speakers mobile phone etc. but the usb ports were not working. we tried the following to restoreactivate the usb ports again but nothing worked restarted the computer used device manager to scan for hardware changes there was no redyellow flags andor upperfilter or lowerfilters to be deleted on the usb root hub we tried to uninstall and install again removed the battery to discharge the capacitors re installed the drivers via the toshiba website tried to restore the laptop at an earlier date using system restorethe device manager tells us that all usb ports are installed and activated but they are not I brought our laptop at work for my it engineers to have a look. they suspect that the usb ports are not working due to the broken usbhardware issues. the pins from the broken usb may have been pushed down by the weight of the cat sleeping on top of the keyboard which may have caused a short circuit and either caused damages to the mother board or permanently disabled the usb ports. my it engineers are not familiar with toshiba laptops so their diagnostic might be incorrect. they also noticed that the laptop was extremely slow and recommended for windows to be installed again something we cannot do at present as we have no back up and do not want to lose our documents data photos videos etc. transferring data to online cloud storage dropbox might be an option.i am aware it is difficult for you to diagnose the issues without physically checking our laptop but could you please advise what would be the cost for1.checking the laptop faults diagnostic labour and vat2.cost for repairing the mother board if it can be repaired labour and vat3.cost for replacing the mother board labour and vat4.cost for replacing the brokenfaulty ucb port labour and vatreplacingrepairing the mother board might not be required and the problem could be easily fixed but we dont know how to unable again the usb ports.investigation and or repairs if necessary have to be urgently carried out as our laptop is utilised for personal use but also for business and without it my partner cannot do any work. the laptop is useable but unable to use a mouse is not practical. I look forward to hearing from you by returnbest regardsfred dhombres


toshiba satellite c850-13d, the screen has got white blotches over it so you cană˘â‚¬â„˘t see the screen. it just needs a screen replaced, nothing wrong with the computer itself.


dear sirs,iă˘â‚¬â„˘ve got a toshiba satellite c850-13d laptop. it originally came with an intel celeron b820 which I decided to get upgraded. naturally I bought the most powerful chip I could find for that socket, the intel core i7-3940xm. my colleague successfully fitted it for me. unfortunately the after the upgrade, the laptop occasionally cut out, probably because the cpu got too hot or attempted to draw too much power. so I bought a cpu with a slightly lesser spec, the intel core i7-3630qm and it was successfully fitted. it still overheats. can you please help me? could we upgrade the heat handling components or the power supply or something?your help is greatly appreciated.yours faithfully,ryan penfold