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How much does HP laptop repair Battersea cost?

Lots of factors determine the cost of HP laptop repair Battersea include the model and the problem you're have with your machine. This determines if replacement parts needs to be purchase and the complexity of the repair.

In the vast majority of cases, HP laptop repairs Battersea are affordable and the repair cost is often much less than a replacement.

I dropped my HP laptop in Battersea and have broken the screen?

A commonly requested repair is HP laptop screen replacement. The technicians offer HP laptop screen repair for Battersea that cover 10 inch to 17 inch laptop screens at a low cost. So when you need a HP Pavilion screen repair, HP Spectre screen repair, HP ENVY screen repair, HP EliteBook screen repair, HP ProBook screen repair or HP Compaq screen repair, the technicians are here to help you.

My HP laptop is not charging?

First of all check that the laptop charger and cables are not damaged. If they are you will need to contact a retailer directly as the team doesn't sell laptop accessories.

Your laptop might have a loose or broken power jack (also known as a DC jack) - it's a common problem often caused by accidental damage such as dropping the laptop onto a hard surface or pulling the power cable too hard. The technicians also offer a HP laptop battery replacement service for defective or missing batteries. HP laptop repair Battersea can resolve most power issues that you're experiencing with your laptop.

How long will my HP laptop repair for Battersea take?

The staff repair most faults with HP laptops in 3-5 working days (subject to availability of parts). If parts need to obtained, the team can normally order them in quickly. The professionals understand how inconvenient a broken machine can be and the team providing HP laptop repair Battersea always aim for a quick turnaround time where possible.

HP Laptop Repairs Battersea

Laptop Menders is able offer fast and affordable HP laptop repairs for Battersea by independent repair centres. The friendly and experienced team diagnose and repair faulty laptops for home and business users.

The team provide Battersea HP laptop repairs that cover hardware and software issues across most models with 3-5 working days (sometimes sooner depending upon the work required).

In addition to repair services, laptop upgrades can also be provided for some models. For example a HP laptop HDD can be upgraded to SSD for much faster load times and improved performance.

Whatever problem you are having with your laptop, the team aim to offer a flexible and efficient repair service for you.

Book your HP laptop repair for Battersea. Just fill in the online enquiry form with your contact details and a short description of the problem that you are currently experiencing with your Hewlett Packard laptop for a prompt response by the team. Alternatively feel free to call the repair centre with the number displayed.

HP Laptop Repair Battersea

Battersea HP Laptop Repair

Established since 1984, Dell produces a range of laptops for home users and businesses in the UK. With so many Dell laptop models, it can be difficult to find a dependable and efficient laptop repair service.

The professionals offer HP laptop repairs for Battersea London using high quality parts and tools. A laptop repair does not have to be expensive or time-consuming, thanks to the friendly and experienced team.

Most HP laptop models are covered by this repair service including:

• Pavilion
• Spectre
• EliteBook
• ProBook
• Compaq (discontinued by HP in 2013)

Whether it's a new or old model, a repair will often cost significantly less than a new laptop.

Some of the common problems and services that are covered by Battersea HP laptop repairs include:

• Not turning on
• Damaged ports
• WiFi not working
• Broken hinge
• Overheating
• Blue screen of death
• Keyboard not working
• Laptop upgrade
• Hard drive replacement
• Laptop screen repair (cracked, dim or flickering screen)
• DC power jack repair
• Virus and malware removal

These are just some of the commonly occurring issues with Hewlett Packard laptops which the team have repaired for individuals and businesses in London. HP laptop repairs Battersea are provided by collection and delivery from your home or workplace. If you are experiencing problems with your HP laptop, the team can offer a fast and cost-effective service from start to finish.

Request a free quote for Battersea HP laptop repairs. It is simple to get a quote through Laptop Menders regarding HP laptop repairs Battersea. Simply leave an enquiry on the HP laptop form for a quick response by either phone or email from the experienced team.

Recent Enquires

hi,i run a small it business in the south west, supporting business from the depths of cornwall to oxfordshire. i`m looking to shift my screen repair service to another business to free up my time. would this be something you could assist with?i currently have a hp probook x g6 with a cracked screen down in redruth. could I arrange this to be shipped to you for repair and what would the cost be? do you offer postage back? ideally if you had a collection and return service that would be awesome


hi, the touch screen on our hp pavilion has got cracked, screen still displays but the touch screen doesn`t work.please can you let me know the cost and if it is possible to replace the screen and if so will the touch screen work? thanks jodie


my hp pavilion laptop has issues turning on- the screen goes black and flickers for a bit. I press turn on and it doesn`t but makes a noise like it`s trying to turn on. after a while it might turn on but all the apps that were open beforehand get closed down and when I open chrome everything gets reloaded and opened (even apps I didn`t originally have up e.g. microsoft teams). generally it seems like an issue with turning on and I am not sure if this needs a change of battery or if it is a screen issue? if you could look into this in nottingham as soon as possible I would be greatful as I am a university student.


hp chrome book 11 .6 inch - my son upon opening chromebook pushed screen too far back, nothing can be accessed and screen looks like the lcd is damaged. can you please give me a quote for repairs. thank you


hi I have a client who has an hp envyx360convertible model 15-bq051sa with a cracked screen. could you please quote for fixing this? thank you.


after trying to update to windows 10 everything went off. I have been in touch with hp and was told to get it looked at. I wish to keep all the photos etc on the laptop too and put a bigger mem in...thanks.


hp envy m13, screen cracked


my hp pavilion x360 touchscreen laptop screen is cracked and I need it repaired so that I can use the screen properly again.


hp pavillion11-k152samy laptop will only turn on if the charger is plugged in. the laptop when turned on says it is charged but as soon as the charger is pulled out the laptop dies.


a small amount of coffee leaked from a mug in my bag onto my hp envy laptop that was closed and off at the time. the laptop now wont turn on. I am visiting family in doncaster from today and was hoping for a swift remedy?


i have a hp envy touch smart 15 with both broken hinges. some of the casing is ripped. the laptop itself works fine but the hinges need replacing.


my laptop (hp pavilion x360 convertible) just doesnã¢â‚¬â„¢t charge anymore and I need the battery replaced. was just wondering how much this would cost